A Creative Team

Who Delivers Results

Redbox is passionate about effective design. We believe that by choosing the right creative team, any business can gain a real edge over its competitors.

We recognize the main reason that people engage us is because they want to achieve tangible results for their business. This is what drives us. We want our clients to succeed.

We’re often told that once companies begin working with us, we surpass their expectations. This feedback forms the basis of our reputation and leads to many new business opportunities which we are most thankful for.


Established in 2000, Redbox has grown steadily over the years, accumulating experience that is the envy of our industry.

During our time we’ve learnt a lot, having the privilege to work on more than 8000 projects for over 900 satisfied clients.

This experience can’t be taught, it is built over time. It’s an asset of the highest value as it sets us apart from the rest, enabling us to produce work that is smarter and more effective every time.

Our experience benefits each of our clients and makes Redbox a wise choice.


The first step in solving any problem is understanding it.  Over the past 2 decades we have spent a  great deal of time  getting to know our clients, and discovering why it is they’ve come to us. 

Sometimes they can articulate it clearly…other times we have to pull it out of them. We ask a lot of questions, we have to!

We know the difference between art and design, between on strategy and simply creative.  We don’t think outside the box, we design a better one so we don’t have to. We see the world through your customers’ eyes and develop solutions that are unique for their brand and goals.


When you work with Redbox, it’s all about you. We like to put ourselves in your shoes so that your goals are our goals. We listen, because a true understanding is key to answering any brief. This, combined with our good judgement and interpretation skills, allows us to get things right the first time. Our no hassle, helpful approach means the whole process is easy with an aim of satisfaction for everyone involved.

Redbox like to build long-lasting relationships based on respect and trust. We’re here as your consulting partner, offering advice throughout the process. Our goal is to carry out your directions whilst sharing our experience and expert opinion to achieve the strongest solution for your company. We understand business, we understand visual communication and we take the time to understand you. 

These brands aren’t trophies, they’re friends we’ve met on our journey


What makes us unique is not each of the points mentioned throughout this website, because many of these qualities can be found in our competitors too.

What really stands us apart is the sum of all these things. A combination that makes Redbox Brand Design unique. We’re a well balanced package that you will not find anywhere else.

As a multi-discipline branding, design and creative agency in Killarney, Redbox is a one-stop solution, offering the full range of creative services to help your business thrive!

We welcome any new brief because our on-site team have a combined experience spanning almost every project type and industry sector imaginable.


We will articulate your brand in every medium, and in the process, find ways to extend it and more clearly define it. We’ll make your brand better than it was.

We will  care. All work we undertake will be treated as importantly as if it was for ourselves.   If we say we’ll do something, we’ll do it, and we will not let you down.

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