Branding & Positioning

Redbox is a boutique branding agency in Killarney. We’re passionate about effective brand design and its role in the success of products and companies.

Branding is about maximizing every opportunity. You want your customer to choose your brand over any competitors. 

Whether you require a new brand, a brand refresh or brand architecture for your complex organisation, Redbox Brand Consultants can produce all your branding requirements. Including brand strategy, logo design,  identity and brand guidelines. Working together, we will learn about your brand vision, objectives, customers and market. With our award-winning design, experience in strategy and a pure hunger for collaboration – great results can be achieved.

Brand Guidelines

From an introduction set of guidelines to a more elaborate version to ensure your brand is future proof. We will make it happen. We  will produce excellent design solutions for your branding.  We can advise you on everything branding: design, brand values, tone of voice, strapline, logo usage, sizing, spacing, fonts, colour palette, stationery, signage, livery, email, social media, web, media, templates and more.

Brand Identity

Your corporate identity design is a visual representation of your brand and its values, incorporating what your business does and how you wish to be perceived by customers. Identity design helps to build memorable and positive experiences, and is a key element of marketing campaigns. A business’s identity needs to set them apart from their competition, stand out and say something, and help build a relationship with customers. See Our Work to discover what drives us. 

Logo Design

The definition of a Logo is is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public recognition. First impressions last, and in most cases company logos are the initial representation of a business to a potential customer. Your logo forms the cornerstone of your brand’s identity, and in an instant it communicates a lot about who you are, what you do and how well you’re suited to your customer’s needs. If you’re looking for professional logo designers, Redbox  will give your business the best chance of success.  Redbox have been developing high quality, custom solutions for each of our clients since we began back in 2000 and this experience makes us stronger.   As you can see from the dozens of unique examples shown throughout our website, we specialize in logo design for organisations of many different shapes, sizes and styles. It is important to note that we also go beyond the logo itself, having a successful track-record in rolling out full brand identities. Items such as stationery, websites and printed marketing material are crucial for companies who a looking to make a good impression in today’s world. For more information see the branding section of our website. If you care about how your company is perceived, please contact us.
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